Four Interview Tips for HR & Technical Interview of Dream Job

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Four Interview Tips for HR & Technical Interview of Dream Job

Interview is mandatory for many jobs which are necessary to qualify to get SSC Bank or any other government Jobs. It is a part of selection process for SSC Bank or any other government Jobs.
There are some specified marks for interview exam in which a candidate have to confer committee of selection personnel. This committee may ask questions to judge the presentation skill, communication skill, knowledge by asking question from areas like introduction, family back ground, hobbies, situational or conditional sentences etc.
All of us know that quality is important rather than quantity in this modern era. Interview is one of the best processes which provides quality candidate for the desired posts to the recruiters.

Interview Tips & Tricks – Do’s & Don’t of HR Interview / Any Interview
This is well understood that there is no area from where questions may ask in the interview. It can be asked from anywhere or depends up the mental condition or individual relationship of the selection committee which may ask questions to the prospective job holder.
There are certain tips and tricks which may help candidate to secure position among the list of selected candidates. These tips and tricks are as follows:
1.       Don’t be hurry. Be cool calm
2.       Hold positive attitude
3.       Say No in case you don’t know answer.
4.       Don’t try to impress anyone.
5.       Be sincere and discipline.
6.       Don’t fall in answering immediately. Listen the question first and then take your time and then give answer.
7.       Give question oriented answer. Don’t elaborate unless it asked.
8.       Read newspaper before appearing to the interview. This will make up your mind to speak English Fluently.
HR Interview Questions for Jobs
There are many questions that may ask by the recruiters. Some of the mandatory questions which every candidate needs to be ready are discussed by this post are explained as follows:
·         Introduce yourself.
Time limit for question= 90 Sec (min.)-120 sec (max.)
Cover Areas = Name, Educational detail, Experience, hobby, achievement, strength or weakness, family background.
·         Reason to join this job.
Best Answer: Willingness to serve and participate in the development of our country by holding the position with honesty, discipline and sincerity
·         Some General Awareness questions-Specially from Current Affairs
Depends up the selection committee but expected areas are local politics, education system and black money issue.
·         Situational Questions-Specially to Economic sector
Depends up on the members of selection committee but expected areas are banking sector.

Answer of these questions should be on the finger-tips of the candidate. Do the enough revision to own-self of answer of these questions before appearing to the recruiter or selection committee.

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